Friday, October 30, 2020

IELTS Tips - Gulp them down today!!!!

Hardworking Test Taker shows how important persistence is....however, a Smart learner know how to manage time and make the most of it!

Proper Preparation must begin by knowing the basics and going beyond the basics!

This series of learning Gallery aims to do help the IELTS TEST Takers with the same.

The channel takes pride in making its students enjoy the test preparation and helping them achieve the DESIRED score!

This video has loads of tips that you must gulp down to make the IELTS prep process SMART.

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Sunday, October 11, 2020



Friday, September 11, 2020

IELTS Jargons- Simplified!

 IELTS Jargons!

IELTS to CLEAR VISA AISLES is a Youtube series of my channel - Learning Gallery.

This channel aims to make learning simplified. I also aim to take my viewers beyond the basics of IELTS .

You should get not only the required band...You should be able to fetch the desired band!

Please do Like, Subscribe and share the videos with all keen learners. 

Do share your feedback. Looking forward to get more quality stuff for my viewers. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

What kind of leader are you?

The leaders who hold EGO are usually left 


Leaders who don't feel insecure from their teammates and their subordinates  show the  GUTS  to walk with them ....they take them 


So, decide for yourself - Do you want to lead and are okay to              be alone or you want to take your team along ?

How relevant is what you speak?

 What is said is Directly proportional to WHO is saying it!

How important and relevant the dialogue is, depends on the speaker's importance in our life.


Mom: Dafaa ho jao!!!


Boss: Get Lost!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

How can you join as an Air hostess!

Desire to get a particular job -raises a Question -
If you answer this question, it will give solution to your problem.
Why do you want to Join INDIGO?
If you can answer this…your work is done…!!
For whatever good reason that you have , to join Indigo, it must be strong enough to make you do research about the Airline’s requirements, Its pre requisites and what should be your preparation to be with the carrier at the earliest!
So, start reading information about it on their website and all other sources of information that can help you know what’s latest with the airline and start preparing for the Cabin Crew Interview. When you appear for the interview well prepared, with full confidence, positive attitude and knowledge about what you are going to achieve…You will be welcomed to the airline with Open arms.
I would like to share an episode of Special Persona’s learning gallery where a similar question was asked by one of the candidates…
and my answer to the candidate was that -If a boy is interested in a girl , he would like to first know about much as he can and then for sure find a way out to impress her!!
I am sure this does explain what you can do best to be on Board Indigo flight as a cabin crew.
Know it so that you don’t get to hear - ‘NO’ to it!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Air hostesses should be Beautiful!!

Astha GILL, Subject Matter Expert (Since yr 2000)

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
What is your definition of Beauty?
An air hostess definitely needs to be beautiful..very beautiful - By heart!!
Your Attitude makes you beautiful!
On an aircraft , people from all spheres of life come to work…with the same Aim-
Safety Security and Well being of their precious aircraft as well as all souls on board .
They are all same, on board , there is no discrimination- Be it Color , Caste ,Creed or Gender…
All crew members belong to one team with same work, same mission, same passion , same uniform …they all are same! …all are beautiful!
So, stop having such apprehensions…be confident about who you are…and get ready to become a part of the most beautiful team of the world- Team Cabin Crew!
All the best!

IELTS Tips - Gulp them down today!!!!

Hardworking Test Taker shows how important persistence is....however, a Smart learner know how to manage time and make the most of it! Prope...