Friday, December 22, 2017

Cabin crew girls- you can marry, have children and enjoy both -Family and work life together!

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Once upon a time…there was an airline which did not let girls- working as cabin crew, get married! It was The Maharaja!
For some obvious reasons, the airline wanted the girls to work only for a few years ……and when the girls wanted to get married, they had to resign.
With the increase in air travel this policy became a next to impossible thing to be maintained by the airlines.
Now every Airline allows the female crew to get married. The girls should not be married at the time of joining, but after they get confirmed as a crew ,after completing their training, they can get married .They can avail their entitledleave for the same.
They are also allowed to avail maternity leave…in fact, Cabin crew is not allowed to fly when they are expecting and most of the Airlines give leave till the baby turns at least 6 months old.
Some of the Airlines are considerate and allow girls to do only short flights, without night halts till the time the baby turns 1 for the simple reason that the mother has to nurse the baby during the first year of his/her birth.
Such policies make this job convenient for many girls …
When joining an airline, the girls must go through these policies so that there is no problem balancing work and family life.
Fortunately, Flying is no more a job for only unmarried girls!
A step taken for Women Empowerment !

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