Friday, December 29, 2017

Air hostesses should be Beautiful!!

Astha GILL, Subject Matter Expert (Since yr 2000)

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
What is your definition of Beauty?
An air hostess definitely needs to be beautiful..very beautiful - By heart!!
Your Attitude makes you beautiful!
On an aircraft , people from all spheres of life come to work…with the same Aim-
Safety Security and Well being of their precious aircraft as well as all souls on board .
They are all same, on board , there is no discrimination- Be it Color , Caste ,Creed or Gender…
All crew members belong to one team with same work, same mission, same passion , same uniform …they all are same! …all are beautiful!
So, stop having such apprehensions…be confident about who you are…and get ready to become a part of the most beautiful team of the world- Team Cabin Crew!
All the best!


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