Monday, December 18, 2017

Astha Gill
Astha Gill, Trainer, Subject Matter Expert at Aviation (2000-present)
To be a Cabin crew means that you need to have certain specific traits.
There is no technical training required.
You don’t need any aviation training.
There are thousands of candidates who have wasted money on such trainings.
So, now let me talk about what you must do to get this job:
Start reading about what is this job all about. You must know what a cabin crew does …all this can be very easily done by reading blogs, posts on FB , twitter, You tube videos etc.
Now make a list of things that need to be accomplished to appear for the interview:
  1. Documentation: 12 th certificate, Pan Card, Aadhaar card, Passport..keep them all ready …with of course a nice professional Resume and full length photograph in business formals.
  2. Communication skills: They are going to monitor your communication skills throughout the interview….make sure you are good at it. Make sure you are practicing the answers, preparing well ….and for this YOU may take training.
  3. Grooming: The right business formals, makeup, Hairstyle and conduct ,all need to be correct….Get yourself groomed from someone who is from this industry and who has the expertise and know how.
  4. Body language: well, this holds a lot of weightage…..what you say is not so important , but how you say…matters a lot!
  5. Don’t forget to carry the most beauuutiful smile of yours when you go for the interview. see all this is not a cake walk…and that is why everybody rushes for trainings….i advise you to get in touch with experienced people from the same field and let them help you out with this.
  6. So, That’s a gist of what you need to do.
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