Sunday, December 24, 2017

Why do most of the airlines are hiring female cabin crew only?

Oh Boy! It is not a child’s play to become a Crew…neither for girls nor for boys.
Yes, it is definitely a fact that females have an upper hand when it comes to shortlisting candidates for cabin crew job.
This is for the simple reason that Airlines are not gender Bias on Board!!
A crew means crew, be it a male or a female…all have to be same…behave in the same manner, have the same set of qualities and get paid same!!
To be a cabin crew you must be have commando guts , magnetic looks and heart of Mother Teresa!!
when it comes to being so compassionate, caring, pleasant, loving and extremely strong from within to switch roles when a situation demands…females generally win!!
We have all these qualities in men too, but not as common as in females!!
If you have it in you…if you are one of those special men who have that walloping personality that the airlines are looking for, go ahead…you will be recruited.
Just carry a personality that reflects the TRUE YOU in front of the recruitment Panel.
All the very best!

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