Friday, December 29, 2017

Air hostesses should be Beautiful!!

Astha GILL, Subject Matter Expert (Since yr 2000)

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
What is your definition of Beauty?
An air hostess definitely needs to be beautiful..very beautiful - By heart!!
Your Attitude makes you beautiful!
On an aircraft , people from all spheres of life come to work…with the same Aim-
Safety Security and Well being of their precious aircraft as well as all souls on board .
They are all same, on board , there is no discrimination- Be it Color , Caste ,Creed or Gender…
All crew members belong to one team with same work, same mission, same passion , same uniform …they all are same! …all are beautiful!
So, stop having such apprehensions…be confident about who you are…and get ready to become a part of the most beautiful team of the world- Team Cabin Crew!
All the best!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Why do most of the airlines are hiring female cabin crew only?

Oh Boy! It is not a child’s play to become a Crew…neither for girls nor for boys.
Yes, it is definitely a fact that females have an upper hand when it comes to shortlisting candidates for cabin crew job.
This is for the simple reason that Airlines are not gender Bias on Board!!
A crew means crew, be it a male or a female…all have to be same…behave in the same manner, have the same set of qualities and get paid same!!
To be a cabin crew you must be have commando guts , magnetic looks and heart of Mother Teresa!!
when it comes to being so compassionate, caring, pleasant, loving and extremely strong from within to switch roles when a situation demands…females generally win!!
We have all these qualities in men too, but not as common as in females!!
If you have it in you…if you are one of those special men who have that walloping personality that the airlines are looking for, go ahead…you will be recruited.
Just carry a personality that reflects the TRUE YOU in front of the recruitment Panel.
All the very best!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Can a commerce (boy) be a cabin crew after 12th pass?

Astha Gill, Trainer, Subject Matter Expert at Aviation (2000-present)
I know some Cabin Crew who have done B tech, some are CPL holders, qualified nurses and many are graduates and post graduates from different streams.
Crew members don’t stop growing..they keep getting educated, keep upgrading their skills and knowledge.
Some join as cabin crew after graduating or post graduating too! CPL holders, who are struggling to get recruited as pilots ,also work as cabin crew..this keeps them close to the aircrafts!
The job of a cabin crew requires Skills Attitude and Knowledge (SKA)that is not technical in nature(at least not at the time of recruitment) , but The SKA that this job needs is what makes Cabin crew special!
So, irrespective of your stream, remember you will be chosen if you have it in you-The right Attitude, The skills to handle challenges , The subject knowledge and the human behavior knowledge….you will be welcomed aboard!
Remember , being on cloud 9 is special, so be that special Boy who would be picked amongst thousands of other candidates and given wings to fly!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Cabin crew girls- you can marry, have children and enjoy both -Family and work life together!

Hi !
Once upon a time…there was an airline which did not let girls- working as cabin crew, get married! It was The Maharaja!
For some obvious reasons, the airline wanted the girls to work only for a few years ……and when the girls wanted to get married, they had to resign.
With the increase in air travel this policy became a next to impossible thing to be maintained by the airlines.
Now every Airline allows the female crew to get married. The girls should not be married at the time of joining, but after they get confirmed as a crew ,after completing their training, they can get married .They can avail their entitledleave for the same.
They are also allowed to avail maternity leave…in fact, Cabin crew is not allowed to fly when they are expecting and most of the Airlines give leave till the baby turns at least 6 months old.
Some of the Airlines are considerate and allow girls to do only short flights, without night halts till the time the baby turns 1 for the simple reason that the mother has to nurse the baby during the first year of his/her birth.
Such policies make this job convenient for many girls …
When joining an airline, the girls must go through these policies so that there is no problem balancing work and family life.
Fortunately, Flying is no more a job for only unmarried girls!
A step taken for Women Empowerment !

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What is the salary of a male cabin crew throughout his career?

First, I would like to tell you that Many other jobs in India would not pay this kind of salary, irrespective of your technical qualifications…reason….this job is very different from other jobs…needs many other skills … handling of end number of challenges , an attitude worth appreciation and a personality that holds great amount of integrity…and involves the risk of being in sky!(Though aircraft is the safest mode of transport !!!)
There is no discrimination in the Salaries of male and Female Flight Attendants. This is one profession which has no gender discrimination once you are on board…be it any task assignment or Salary division…we all get the same!!
Throughout your career as a crew member your salary will increase on the basis of your seniority…..your allowances will increase, Basic salary will increase too….if you change your department after a few years(which you should, because you must start looking for other options in the airline like training , management, etc. if you wish to retire at 58 yrs of age).
The salary for a trainee crew starts at around 30,000/- INR pm…it starts increasing with added allowances…eventually as a senior ,you can make around 65–70000/- pm, if flying only domestic…if you fly a lot on international routes, you will easily take home a 6 figure salary.
So, all the best…wishing you a great career ahead…if you have it in you…go for it!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Astha Gill
Astha Gill, Trainer, Subject Matter Expert at Aviation (2000-present)
To be a Cabin crew means that you need to have certain specific traits.
There is no technical training required.
You don’t need any aviation training.
There are thousands of candidates who have wasted money on such trainings.
So, now let me talk about what you must do to get this job:
Start reading about what is this job all about. You must know what a cabin crew does …all this can be very easily done by reading blogs, posts on FB , twitter, You tube videos etc.
Now make a list of things that need to be accomplished to appear for the interview:
  1. Documentation: 12 th certificate, Pan Card, Aadhaar card, Passport..keep them all ready …with of course a nice professional Resume and full length photograph in business formals.
  2. Communication skills: They are going to monitor your communication skills throughout the interview….make sure you are good at it. Make sure you are practicing the answers, preparing well ….and for this YOU may take training.
  3. Grooming: The right business formals, makeup, Hairstyle and conduct ,all need to be correct….Get yourself groomed from someone who is from this industry and who has the expertise and know how.
  4. Body language: well, this holds a lot of weightage…..what you say is not so important , but how you say…matters a lot!
  5. Don’t forget to carry the most beauuutiful smile of yours when you go for the interview. see all this is not a cake walk…and that is why everybody rushes for trainings….i advise you to get in touch with experienced people from the same field and let them help you out with this.
  6. So, That’s a gist of what you need to do.
Log on to
Special Persona by Astha Gill (Facebook) to read more on this topic…you can even get in touch with Specialpersona team at Home | Special Persona

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Rest period for Flight attendants is predetermined by the aviation regulatory authorities for long and ultra long flights.
Refer to Flight time limitations of various regulatory bodies.
Their rest is based on the time duration of the flight - Some amount of rest that must be taken before the flight and some rest to be done after the flight.
Also , the rest on board is decided on the basis of the length of flight and a transatlantic flight.
Well, its about safety of hundreds of people on board, the crew must take adequate rest before the flight, on board(as per standards) and post flight too.
Some Airlines are very particular about the rest period of crew members and ensure through their own internal procedures that crew is taking the mandate rest….
The life of crew members is tough…we all know….but many do not know that their time at home is also not much at their discretion…they have to give time to their bodies to recoup after a flight and then do things of their choice…

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The challenges of a crew are  much more than just a coffee brew!!

Challenges get personified when one becomes a Cabin crew!

It’s about how you take them!!
As a cabin crew you are a multi tasker….you are a complete package of all possible professions as required on board to take care of the passengers , aircraft and fellow colleagues.
As a Cabin crew it is common to come across a medical emergency, a short circuit on board, disruptive passenger on board, Turbulence…and many more…
Service challenges need more of hospitality ,empathy and courtesy…whereas safety, security and first aid challenges need knowledge of procedures , regulations ,standards and handling tactics too!
One out of many challenges that I can share is saving a man suffering from heart attack. many crew would have encountered this situation…may be multiple times…so had I ,when i was flying.,..but this one is what i recall every time when i have to think of a medical emergency on board..for a special reason…
On a flight to Mumbai one day….A passenger was found to be very uneasy while we were busy doing our services.It was difficult to figure out the cause of uneasiness, but ,thankfully my presence of mind and first aid knowledge helped me gauge the problem. Thanks to my teammates , they very supportive and did their job pretty well.
Tasks at hand in such a situation are not only analyzing what the problem is but also to immediately provide First aid, page for a doctor on board(we did not have any doctor on board that day),Inform captain and take decision to divert or continue , and most importantly reassure the family of the patient and the other passengers on board.
The flight was diverted to Ahmadabad ( being the nearest airport) and within the available time, the patient was immediately given the best care possible on board ….after landing he was admitted to the hospital …but what was most challenging in this whole episode was……reassuring his 10 year old daughter….
This passenger was travelling back to his home town - Dubai…from India ….and was with his daughter….unfortunately and shockingly he had lost his wife just a month before …
our challenge was not only his health…but also the well being of his daughter ….
Our duty as crew was technically over after he was admitted to the hospital…but if your Airline has given you the right training to develop a ‘hard core cabin crew spirit’ will not relax until you get the news of the well being of your guest !
I got in touch with the passenger and his daughter the next day…thankfully the situation was under control.. the passenger got timely treatment..was better…and his daughter was happy and relaxed! They were very thankful to the whole team for the timely action and more for taking special care of the little girl .
One thought that I would like to share from my personal experience as a crew ………..If you want the real feel of being on cloud 9…leave an impression on the minds of people you meet on board…serve with a heart…love your job…and trust me…you will be loved back with many more pounds of love!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Astha GILL
Astha GILL, Trainer, Manager , Inspector -Aviation Industry  (2000-present)
Astha GILL
Astha GILL, Subject Matter Expert (2000-present)
Astha GILL
Astha GILL, Trainer, Manager , Inspector - Aviation industry (2000-present)

Astha GILL
Astha GILL, Trainer, Manager , Inspector - Aviation veteran
Astha GILL
Astha GILL, Subject Matter Expert (2000-present)
Astha GILL
Astha GILL, Trainer, Manager , Inspector at Aviation (2000-present)
Astha GILL
Astha GILL, Trainer, Manager , Inspector at Aviation (2000-present)

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