Tuesday, December 19, 2017

First, I would like to tell you that Many other jobs in India would not pay this kind of salary, irrespective of your technical qualifications…reason….this job is very different from other jobs…needs many other skills … handling of end number of challenges , an attitude worth appreciation and a personality that holds great amount of integrity…and involves the risk of being in sky!(Though aircraft is the safest mode of transport !!!)
There is no discrimination in the Salaries of male and Female Flight Attendants. This is one profession which has no gender discrimination once you are on board…be it any task assignment or Salary division…we all get the same!!
Throughout your career as a crew member your salary will increase on the basis of your seniority…..your allowances will increase, Basic salary will increase too….if you change your department after a few years(which you should, because you must start looking for other options in the airline like training , management, etc. if you wish to retire at 58 yrs of age).
The salary for a trainee crew starts at around 30,000/- INR pm…it starts increasing with added allowances…eventually as a senior ,you can make around 65–70000/- pm, if flying only domestic…if you fly a lot on international routes, you will easily take home a 6 figure salary.
So, all the best…wishing you a great career ahead…if you have it in you…go for it!

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